Fantasy – Trip Lee

We’re living in la, la, la, la, la, la, land

You’re trying to live the dream, aren’t you?
The cream, esteem, supreme paper
You’re thinking this is the place to be, like green acres
Look, you’re living a dream and I can’t even wake you

I know you want the life that they all desire
Wanna rise till you can’t imagine climbing higher
But that ladder can’t stand when it catches fire
And when it stops, you’ll be shocked, like electric wires

It’s cool to like fairytales
Until you try to live inside of ’em, that’s where we fail
The media are pushing death and they do it very well
Man, who would have thought that obituaries sell?

Look, you’re living in a dream
Open up your eyes, things aren’t always what they seem
Reality isn’t always what we found up on the screen
They’ve got bait in their hooks, they got rhymes full of schemes, it’s fantasy!

Fantasy, masquerades and mansions
Smokin’ lies, but there is never light within us
The smiles full of envy, a full house that’s empty
Once the night is up, it’s never enough

Your imagination’s running wild
Your main goal is to stack a couple hundred though
Then more money, plus you want it now
You’d be hunting for those hundreds till you run them down

Plus you want chicks, you wanna pick or choose
She gotta be a freak, not just any chick will do
That’s the story that you sticking to, listen dude
Just know the fable that they told you really isn’t true

Hey Mummy, you think you want that life, don’t you?
See you’re that fine dame all the brothers are drooling over
But you should know your beauty will be moving over
When He cracks the sky like a supernova, to expose us

I not running game, I’ve got nothing to gain
About lying to you about this life, but something is strange
If the highest joy is found in created things
Instead of something greater, I’ve got to make a claim, it’s fantasy

Never satisfied
You know, we’ve been living in a dream world
A dream world where we’ve been chasing the wrong things
But my prayer is our eyes will open
So we can see it all for what it is

Welcome to the real world
With it’s real treasure, real pearls
Those who try to gain the world only lose souls
And chasing fools goals only gets ya fools gold

Well, welcome to the good life with it’s real joy
Now that old life seems like a killjoy
It’s ironic that the life giver was killed, boy
He rose and He chose me, you know he fills a real void

We were made to be connected to the life giver
To build our life around Him, with His life in us
But our pride likes to rise, those lies get us
They separate us from the good, we despise scripture

But we can turn back to the forever source
The One who can’t be described by my metaphors
Even if I’m poor, I’m rich if I let Him set the course
At His right hand, the pleasure’s forever more, yeah

We’re living in la, la, la, la, la, la, land

But you’re going to see it all for what it is
I pray you’ll see it all for what it is

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