Hello ‘there’ world

Hello ‘there’ world. Ha! That’s my custom. I guess we’re pretty much tired of the old ‘Hello World’ adage. Hahaahaa nothing too different, is it? Ah well, I only wanted to grab your attention. I hope I have now. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to be your conventional blog. Are there conventional blogs at all or do we all just do our thing? Sighs…

Let’s not deviate. I am supposed to be introducing you to this blog. A million thoughts race… Where do I start?

It is imperative that everyone sees right. The last thing you’ll ever want to happen to you is to live out a delusion. Even with the best eyesight, a blurred vision won’t give you full truth. What will be your reaction, if you ever woke up to find out you’ve lived a fantasy all your life? That’ll be… dire, dreadful, horrendous, call it what may and yes, this will be nothing less than catastrophic.

On the contrary, a person will wallow in his/her life lived until exposed to such a suggestion. Nothing is wrong until truth is presented. Nothing changes unless light shines. As sky lanterns, we seek to challenge your perspective, we live as lights in this darkened world. You might have as well lived a lie all along… Wait! What is he saying? Find out more. Finish this with Delusional.

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You’ll live to tell this experience 🙂


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